A challenging, developmental experience designed to radically develop Australia's executive talent pool.

High-impact, comprehensive, actionable journey to gain career confidence and clarity so that you can accelerate your potential, progression and satisfaction.

What exactly is Success Accelerator?

It's a unique and unparalleled coaching and mentoring program that champions talent to become the CEO's, leaders and executives of our future.

Through sophisticated learning techniques, we immerse participants in a journey of
self-analysis and discovery as they develop executive-level performance, behaviours and mindsets.

This leadership program challenges participants to push themselves out of their comfort zones and move beyond what they dreamed was possible in both their life and their careers.

Participants rapidly accelerate their leadership abilities whilst developing confidence, clarity and laser-focused career direction.

This is ideal for you if you are looking for a different type of leadership program, one where you can express the unique challenges you may be facing in your workplace and who wants to expand their leadership influence and get ahead in your career.

It’s the clarity and focus you’ve been looking for, combined with a proven step by step approach to get you the promotion you are looking for – whether that be the next step in your career, a change of industry or appointment to boards.

The course will help you achieve quantifiable results in the form of increasing your value both within your organisation and in your industry by establishing you as a leader in your field.


  • You're ready for a promotion but you don’t really know how to achieve this and are just relying on hope to get you there.
  • The review process and succession planning in your organisation are arbitrary, and you feel like you’re “outside the tent” of the decision-making process.
  • You know you are destined for greater things but don’t have clear direction on how to push yourself forward and feel underappreciated and undervalued in your current role. 
  • Everyone tells you how qualified and experienced you are and yet you keep getting passed over as “our second choice”.  
  • You feel like you’re being held back because your networks aren’t extensive due to your family commitments, a significant amount of time overseas or career breaks.


7% of women negotiated their starting salary compared to 57% of men.

If the two people had the same career path, the person who started on the lower salary would have to work for EIGHT MORE YEARS to have the same money in retirement.

Are you willing to work for an additional eight years? Or would you prefer to learn how to position yourself so that salary raises become no-brainers?


  • • You know you have more potential than the role that you are in, but you’re lacking the confidence and clarity needed to know what that next step should be.

  • • You spend all your time making sure you are doing a great job, and no time each week looking up, looking forward and planning for your next position.  

  • • You want a structured plan on how to deepen your leadership capability and develop greater self, team and organisational awareness, whilst creating career happiness and financial success.  

  •  • You want to stop simply reacting to opportunities; and use your experience, skills and wisdom to take specific steps in the direction of your career goals with our professional guidance and assistance.  


Self-directed, Video Tutorials with Workbooks

30 easily digestible lessons, with a maximum video length of 20 minutes.

Extremely detailed content that is easily consumed, ensuring maximum impact and learning experience.

Powerful and accessible content, delivered via our state of the art Learning Management System.

You have lifetime access and can watch 24/7  


Women often don’t see their abilities as clearly as others do and making sure you have the right mentors and champions in your corner can forever alter your career path.

Engage in an extended network of high-profile leaders.

In this exclusive network, you'll cultivate valuable peer-level contacts and develop your personal brand to further advance your career.


8 weeks of live, personalised Executive Level Coaching, where you will have direct access to Ineke and Amber to further develop the skills needed to lead.

Deep dive into your individual vision and receive personalised attention and trusted advice.

Customised learning outcomes tailored specifically to your needs.


Understand exactly where your strengths lie, and how you can use that knowledge to fast track your career whilst experiencing true joy, satisfaction and happiness within your current position.

In this Module you will learn:  

Deep self-examination of your true identity, understand your Why, and development of a vision for your career giving you a crystal clear roadmap to your perfect career path.

Reflective practices to determine how to bring your true, authentic self to work each day to enhance both self and team performance and explore the relationship between authenticity and effective leadership.

• Powerful, practical exercises to methodically develop confidence in the workplace in order to lead, persuade and influence.

Mindfulness practices to re-wire the limiting beliefs that typically hold women back from speaking up, rising up and being seen in a leadership position.

Perform a psychometric assessment to gain meaningful insight and strategic self-awareness into your values, strengths and personality type.

In order to be positioned for a promotion, you must first excel in your current position. Learn how to do this by building a success profile to clarify your manager’s expectations, clearly identify the quantifiable milestones and set yourself apart from your peers.

In this Module you will learn:  

• The exact criteria your manager uses to consider who they will be promoting in the coming 12 months (This is not what you'd expect)

• Identify key principles of performance management in order to ensure consistency with organisational objectives and ensure you are driving future direction and enhancing personal effectiveness.

• The 360-degree tool that you can implement daily, which takes a few extra minutes each day but means you will get the promotion over your peers.

• The insider techniques you can use today to start your salary negotiation so that in 12 months time, the answer will be a resounding ‘YES!’  

• Quantify your happiness, values and likelihood of success using our 11 Factors Matrix.

Identifying your ultimate career goal and the way to get there is one of the hardest things for most people to achieve. If you’ve ever felt like your career is a series of opportunities and luck, then this module will restore power and control back to you.  

In this Module you will learn:  

• Build a structured, coherent and dynamic game plan to achieve your ultimate career goal, along with the practical steps you need to take each day, month and year to ensure success.

• Effectively leverage your current experience and develop a systematic and methodical plan to upskill yourself so that you’re seen as the indisputable member of your team and respected throughout your entire organisation.

• Understand the 11 psychological factors that ultimately impact whether you will feel fulfilled in a position and use our signature matrix to determine your own value system when defining your ultimate career goal.

Exploration of one’s own preferred style of communication and the impact of one’s style on others, with a focus on effective communication and influencing at an interpersonal, departmental, and organisational level.​

Develop a personal leadership path that ensures you remain inspired and resilient for the future.

Every CEO or Board member Ineke has ever interviewed has spoken of the importance of mentors to their success. Yet few people understand who they should approach to become their mentor, how to secure mentorship and how to manage the process and relationship to ensure success and fulfilment by both parties.

In this Module you will learn:  

• Why some people get to CEO and executive-level at age 40 and why others don’t (This has nothing to do with qualifications)

• The 3 different types of Mentors that every person needs to enlist, no matter the level you are at in your current role

• The #1 skill you need to learn to retire 8 years earlier than your counterparts

• How to manage relationships with your mentors including some suggested scripts and templates for approaches and regular meetups. 

Climbing the corporate ladder involves raising your own corporate profile, and yet doing this causes most women the greatest amount of stress and discomfort. Without a strong personal brand, and an envious corporate network you are less likely to ascend to the C-suite or a leadership position. 

In this Module you will learn:  

• Develop the skills that shape opinion, build credibility and positively influence people to achieve goals, including those over whom you have no authority.

Develop emotional intelligence and strong interpersonal skills so that you build rapport and credibility to persuade your audience and gain commitment while challenging perceptions, driving action or inspiring change.

• Develop your Personal Brand and presentation ability to
effectively persuade at an interpersonal, team, and organisational level. (This is the #1 thing you need to implement today that can increase your salary by up to $200,000 in your lifetime).

• Learn Effective Networking from a strategic growth perspective within, across and beyond the organisation including the interface between operational, personal and strategic networks. 

Apply the principles of persuasion and connection to learn tactics to help you really engage with and influence your audience, challenging perceptions, inspiring change and driving action

Have you ever wondered how you become the “go-to” person in your industry? How do you become one of those people that “everyone knows”? Someone who is invited to speak at major industry events, who is profiled in the media, who has developed Expert Status? The exact steps to achieving an external profile are demystified in this module.

In this Module you will learn:  

• Become a competitive advantage to your company by being profiled in strategic media, that not only raises the profile of the company but consistently wins work, elevating you to a key organisational player.

• Develop the personal and presentation skills necessary to be considered an “expert” in your industry regardless of the Industry you're in, the level of experience you have or your qualifications. (This alone can get you promoted 10x quicker than your colleagues)

• Contribute to society and your niche by becoming a thought leader that shares Industry insights, gets invited to sit on Industry Panels and gets booked for speaking engagements at Industry events.

• Understand the little-known techniques that take a couple of minutes each day but can result in major media mentions for your personal brand resulting in a significant competitive edge to you.

BONUS #1: 


8 weeks of live, personalised Executive Level Coaching, where you will have direct access to Ineke and Amber to further develop the skills needed to lead.

Deep dive into your individual vision and receive personalised attention and trusted advice.

Customised learning outcomes tailored specifically to your needs.  

BONUS #2: 


Women often don’t see their abilities as clearly as others do and making sure you have the right mentors and champions in your corner can forever alter your career path.

Engage in an extended network of high-profile leaders.

In this exclusive network, you'll cultivate valuable peer-level contacts and develop your personal brand to further advance your career.

BONUS #3: 


These are our step by step scripts and templates to help you achieve career success.

Scripts include how to communicate to your manager, how to reach out to mentors, how to present powerfully, how to earn speaking engagements and so much more.

These are "copy and paste" style templates that fast-track your journey.




From CEO to Board appointments, General Managers, Project Directors and every placement in between, Ineke McMahon is one of the country’s most recognised and established Executive Recruiters and Career Strategists with a career spanning two decades. Ineke’s experience ranges from working with globally recognised Fortune 500 companies, privately owned businesses, as well as State and Local Governments.

Ineke’s personal network is the who’s who of Queensland’s business executives, including heads of government departments, Queensland’s most prosperous business people, Australia’s most successful property fund heads and senior executives across a range of industries.

Ineke has also headed up large projects such as leading a team to recruit 13 Chairman and 60 Board members for Queensland Health’s hospital and health services. A renowned Keynote speaker, Ineke is often selected to keynote at major industry events including the Property Council of Australia, National Association of Women in Construction and private organisational functions such as Lend Lease and CBRE. Ineke is passionate about empowering others, in particular women and sits on the Gender Diversity Committee of the Property Council of Australia. In addition, she has recently delivered other courses and seminars for young women in the legal industry for well-known legal firms Ineke is also a wife and mother of 2 very young children and knows the reality of caring for a young family as well as working in a demanding and high-powered role.


Civil engineer, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and global educator.  

Amber’s career as a personal branding, presentation and publicity expert spans industries and countries. Amber has been recognised with her appointment to the board of the inaugural Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival and was selected to discuss ‘Innovation in Fashion’ with the Australian Government’s Parliamentary Secretary for Trade.  

Ambers appointments include the Fashion Editor for Australian Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, the resident stylist for Australia’s largest media network, Southern Cross Austereo, and the resident fashion presenter on Foxtel’s Fashion TV.  

Through her successful and innovative online E-learning platform, Amber now teaches the power of personal branding, presentation and publicity whilst captivating her 140,000 global audiences with her magnetic personality.

Amber started her entrepreneurial journey in fashion, tv presenting and personal branding. She has used these skills to empower women for the last two decades to help them gain the confidence and skills that they need to run their own businesses, get ahead in a corporate role or find the freedom to live their lives with balance and success.

 A Stamford study found that a 7% increase in salary early in your career, 

Could result in retiring 8 years earlier than your counterpart with the same career path. 

What would that be worth to you?  

You will receive over $17,000 worth of valuable content, coaching and community for a fraction of the cost.  

Click Enrol Now for your limited time offer 


I've accepted a new position that is more aligned with where I want to be and that matches my skill sets better.


Director, Property

At the start of my career, I now have an advantage over most in that I’ve been able to develop clear focus and direction on both short- and long-term career goals.



The program benefits people just starting out and those wanting to reach Board positions.  

It's proven to be a really, really good investment


Property Economist AAPI

The program has a very methodical approach to think about the logical and practical steps needed to be taken to achieve my career goals. It’s a small investment of your time that will pay dividends both financially and personally.  


Senior Development Manager at Aura Holdings

I have no hesitations in recommending this to anyone aspiring to a leadership position.


Development Director Lend Lease

The course provided a structure for my thinking, which I probably wouldn't have had otherwise. I was hoping to clarify in my own mind what I am actually aiming for, and I now have.


Conservation Planning Officer

Whether you are at the start of your career or wanting to elevate your current career to the next level, I have no hesitation in recommending this.


Development Manager Mirvac

The course was very well structured and extremely digestible and I could fit it in around my existing commitments.

I have taken other courses that you remember hardly anything because they overwhelm you with content.

I have taken a leadership program through Good Start that was a five-figure investment, and received more from your course, at a fraction of the price.


Head of Business at Good Start Early Learning Centre


When does the course start and finish?

Class starts as soon as you sign up and the course runs for eight weeks. There are six modules in total, but two of the modules are more complex and are spread over two additional weeks.

How do the Coaching Calls work?

Each week either Ineke or Amber will host a live group coaching call where you can join in live, or pre-enter your Question for Ineke or Amber to answer. The calls run for approximately 1hr and you have access to 8 of these. They are recorded so you can watch them at a later date.

How long do I have access to the content?

You have access to the recordings and the materials for the lifetime of the Success Accelerator.

How much time will this take?

You can expect to commit between one and two hours a week to consume the content and action your workbook. Some weeks will involve scheduling meetings with either your manager or potential mentors, and those weeks will require additional meeting hours. However, the work is self paced – so some people might get through the work much more quickly – it’s up to you. You have lifetime access, and can work on this 24-7, so the course can fit in around you and your schedule.

How quickly will I see a return on my investment?

This is a really good question and of course it depends on how well you implement the advice and learnings in this course, and whether you practise what you are learning. One promotion or one salary raise will see a significant increase in your earning capacity and your savings at retirement. This might be the best purchase you ever made!

What happens after the 8 weeks?

You have access to the content for the lifetime of the program. You'll be able to keep revisiting the training in the future and receive any updated content with your access to the portal. As you’ll see from the testimonial videos, the content continues to be relevant no matter what career stage you’re at – it’s as useful to a first-year law graduate as it is to a CEO looking to get onto Corporate Boards. 

Is there a guarantee this will work for me?

There is the 30-day Doing Guarantee available to you – this means that you must actually do the work. We can’t force you to do the work and some of the modules may push you out of your comfort zone, but this formula is tried and tested so we ask you to jump in and try it with our support. We really want to see everyone succeed in their careers, but we can’t make you work– so really, it’s up to you! There may be times when people will say, "I've got a lot going on. I'm really busy right now. I don't have time." And that's fine, but nothing's going to change. What you get out of this course is what you put in, if you do the work we can guarantee you will see a marked improvement in your career.

How does an online course work?

You receive your own unique login and password info. You can login 24/7 and study when it suits you on our state of the art Learning Management System.  Each lesson has a video tutorial and a workbook. The workbooks can be completed online or printed.

What if the idea of an ONLINE course is scary? What if I’m not great with technology? 

This course is built specifically for the technophobes! It’s very practical and simple to access, and you’ll have all the support you need in the membership area. All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled device – lap top, desk top, even an iPad - and access to a printer – no further technology is required.  

Is this program tax deductible?

ABSOLUTELY, this is a learning and development expense and we provide Australian GST receipts as proof.

The best leaders, at the top of their game, continue to invest in their career development and now so can you too, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a Career Strategist or a Personal Branding Expert.

You spend 1/3 of your life at work.  

Why then are you spending so much of your life working without intention, direction or guidance and without getting the satisfaction that you know is possible.

Join the Success Accelerator and finally gain career confidence and clarity so that you can accelerate your potential, progression and satisfaction.